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There’s more to Social than tweets and blogs

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Social media is a huge catch all – and like PR – it can feel like a free deal that you get what you pay for. Spend a lot of time and then hope something comes out of it. But there is another side to Social that does generate some quantifiable returns. Paid advertising. Facebook ads offer audience targeting that is on par with direct mail, performance-based budgeting and seriously good analytics. In English, that means you can define your audience by zip code, age, interests and a good variety of other criteria. Once you know who you’re after, it’s a measure of budgeting, and here, Facebook is easy – pay per click. Figure your budget – say $100 – bid however much you want to pay for each click to your specific audience – say $2 – and Facebook … Read More »

Email Newsletter Blast for Watters Creek

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This an email newsletter blast created for Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm. A shopping, dining and residential center in Allen, Texas. It is similar to Southlake Town Center and Frisco Square. The email blast is designed as a template that is easily customizable for placement of new articles, announcements and photos each month. Each article is clickable and links back to the website to provide the customer with more information.